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AS1851 – 2012 Annual Survey

AS1851-2012 sets out the requirement for an annual survey on each prescribed fire safety installation by a competent person.  The Survey is a visual inspection to identify if fire protection systems or equipment have been altered, damaged or compromised, or the fire systems performance as been degraded by occupancy changes or building alterations.


In order to comply with the requirements of AS1851-2012, the survey must be conducted by a person being licensed by the QBCC (Queensland Construction Commission) in the respective Fire Safety Installation. This survey together with the inspection, test and preventive maintenance regime demonstrates that the fire protection systems or equipment are functional and capable of performing to a standard not less than that to which they were originally designed. Any identified non compliances can be rectified prior to “signing off” the annual occupier statement.

Services Include

Included in conducting a Fire Design Survey in accordance with Australian Standard AS1851-2012, we will:

  • Review the original design drawing for the installed fire protection systems (as provided).
  • If original drawings are unavailable, we can co-ordinate with the property manager (or similar) for design drawings to be generated.
  • Conduct a walk-through inspection of the property identifying deficiencies with the installed fire protection systems with respect to the design drawings.
  • Prepare a report describing our findings and recommendations to achieve compliance with AS1851-2012.

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