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Emergency Management

A practical emergency response plan is essential to protect staff and visitors, thereby minimising the potential for injury, death, litigation and reputational damage in the event of an incident.  This requires a controlled, disciplined approach to an emergency incident.

As experts in emergency management, Fire and Safety Consulting can provide you with a simple, easy-to-use Emergency Planning and Response System designed to assist building owners, managers and employers fulfil their legal obligations and provide a safe environment for employees and building occupants.  This includes a combination of practical materials and services that are tailored to suit your particular emergency management needs.

Fire and Safety Consultings Emergency Management services include:

  • Site specific emergency response plans.
  • Fully customsised Training DVD   (link to DVD content)
  • Structured emergency response team/s.
  • Training of wardens and other staff by qualified trainers or via DVD
  • Detailed evacuation maps and signage.
  • Evacuation and/or lockdown drills.
  • Procedures to ensure continual improvement.

Packages are available for residential apartments, standard commercial sites, aged care villages, child care centres and complex high-risk environments.


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