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Environmental Policy

Fire and Safety Consulting is committed to achieving and pursuing the best environmental practice by conserving and enhancing its use of resources so that ecological processes are maintained, and that the total quality of life, now and in the future can be increased.

Fire and Safety Consulting recognizes that that this commitment is an integral part of its current and future business performance.

To achieve this commitment Fire and Safety Consulting will:

  • Identify what activities Fire and Safety Consulting carry out that affects or interacts with the environment and work with customers, suppliers and other interested parties to encourage the reduction of environmental impacts of our business;
  • At a minimum, work with current and future environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice as set by the Environment Protection Authority and other authorities relation to the protection of the environment;
  • Provide on-going education and training for all staff to ensure full awareness of environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice are known and understood and that new technology and in-house knowledge is shared by all;
  • Set specific and measurable environmental goals for the organisation covering all aspects of the organisation’s varied activities from the ‘field’ to the office. Monitor and record results of achievements and promote and encourage a culture of continual improvement;
  • Provide guidance and set clear and precise procedures to attain and maintain those goals and to commit financial, physical and human resources to achieve them;
  • Allocate responsibility and accountability to all levels of the organisation;
  • Consider favorably, suppliers who pursue good environmental management practices;
  • Pursue an integrated quality, health safety and environmental approach to assist in attaining optimum customer satisfaction; and
  • Regularly review and upgrade our environmental management systems

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