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Evacuation Diagrams

As the Responsible Person, the most useful thing you can do during a drill is to observe what happens, including timing how long it takes to get everyone out of the building.

Fire Evacuation Signage, or Emergency Evacuation Diagrams as they are sometimes known used to be only required by certain types of businesses or buildings but changes to fire safety legislation require the occupier of a building to display a Fire Evacuation Diagrams at each conspicuous  place within the escape route of a building.

These signs are required to be displayed in a conspicuous position and secured attached to a wall or door. These changes are in effect, which means that all buildings must have fire evacuation signage.

Each sign is required to state the procedures for safely evacuating the building in the event of a fire and show a Fire Safety Reference Map of the building or the part of the building the sign is displayed in.

We supply our clients with full evacuation diagrams and can up date existing diagrams to ensure safety and compliance.

All Fire + Safety Consulting Fire Evacuation signs contain a fully detailed Fire Safety Reference Map of your company’s building showing all the items required the Regulation plus the evacuation procedures and location of your building’s assembly points.

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