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Prescribed Fire Safety Installation Audits

Prescribed Fire Safety Installations installed at your premises must be maintained correctly in order for them to operate in the event of a fire or emergency as per their original intend. This will provide the minimum level of prevention and litigation measures for the protection of the occupants and property in the event of an emergency.

An audit can provide levels of confidence that the compliance with the benchmarks of AS1851-2012 and AS2293.2 have, or have not, been met. The objective of AS1851-2012 is to maximize the reliability of fire protection systems and equipment such that the systems and equipment meet the requirements of the relevant design, installation and commissioning Standards and are likely to function as they were originally designed.


An independent annual audit of a premise will determine the level of compliance with the Qld Building Fire Regulations and maintenance of the fire safety installations. Any non- compliances can be addressed prior to obtaining annual certification.

The Audit enables the site to monitor the performance of maintenance contractors as they are required to fulfill maintenance obligations according to AS1851.

Services Include

The items included in an annual Fire Safety Audit:

  • Review the onsite maintenance documentation and determine the level of compliance with the requirements of AS1851.
  • A visual inspection of the building to ensure access to fire fighting equipment and egress routes has not been compromised.
  • As per your requirements we can provide a comprehensive report on the level of compliance as well as improvement recommendations, or we can supply a summarised report detailing key findings.

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