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Fire Safety NCC Compliance Audits

The National Construction Code of Australia details the physical aspects required in a building depending on the type of occupancy. For example, the Code provides design requirements on the correct level of fire detection and suppression for a particular building, and other Essential Safety Measures.

The National Construction Code of Australia Compliance (NCC) Audit will assess the adequacy of the Essential Safety measures installed against the requirements of the NCC. Fire Safety Audits also take in to account the NCC requirements in terms of a benchmark, & identify site specific concerns which may not be detailed in the code.

These types of audits will therefore, identify any non-compliances or specific fire safety risk issues allowing for rectification of these issues in order to achieve compliance with the requirements of the NCC or reduce the risks on site.


Both a NCC Compliance Audit & a Fire Safety Audit will highlight any deficiencies in the Fire Safety installations installed within a building as well as the design requirements defined in the NCC or other design document for the specific occupancy. Recommendations are provided to address identified deficiencies, so that the building and its systems comply with the performance requirements of the NCC or other relevant document.

Services Include

Key elements of a NCC Compliance or a Fire Safety Audit to determining building deficiencies incorporates:

  • A review of relevant documentation onsite (eg maintenance records, Certificates of Occupancy, etc).
  • A ‘walk through’ inspection of the property to assess the adequacy of existing essential safety measures as documented in the NCC or other relevant document.
  • Prepare a report describing our findings. Depending on clients’ needs we are able to provide a comprehensive report detailing the level of compliance and improvement recommendations to achieve compliance with the NCC or other relevant document, or we can prepare a report summarising our key findings and recommendations

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