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Fire System Interface Testing

AS815 – 2012 requires the verification of all interconnected fire and safety system to be tested annually. The annual test shall confirm that all fire protection systems that interface with other systems to function as intended at the time of commissioning.


The annual Fire System Interface test is a critical test, it is vital from a life safety perspective. It confirms the interaction of fire, mechanical system and any of the buildings other interfaced systems operate as intended in a fire emergency. Any non-conforming issues can be addressed as soon as practical.

Services Include

During the Fire System Interface Test, we will observe the interaction of the fire alarm system; sprinkler systems, mechanical ventilation and any other interfaced system by simulating a fire condition within the building.

  • Facilitate a Fire System Interface Test by working with the property manager (or similar) and the fire maintenance contractor(s).
  • Review the cause and effect chart (if available) detailing the design operation of the fire protection systems installed.
  • Observe and record the operation of the as-installed fire protection systems during a simulated fire alarm.
  • In accordance with the Australian Standard AS1851-2012: Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment, prepare a report detailing the simulated fire alarm testing conducted.
  • Prepare a report describing our findings. Depending on clients’ needs we are able to provide a comprehensive report detailing the level of compliance and improvement recommendations to achieve compliance with the AS1851-2012 maintenance standard, or we can prepare a brief summary report.

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