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Occupational Health & Safety

Fire and Safety Consulting is committed to preventing injury and illness in the workplace by ensuring the provision of a work environment that is safe and without risk to all employees, contractors and visitors and which confirms to current Occupational Health and Safety legislation.  These practices will be kept under review every year or as required to ensure they reflect the highest business standards.

In order for Fire and Safety Consulting to achieve these objectives our entire team will be trained in all aspects of Occupational Health and Safety accident and disease prevention and will be held accountable for working conditions under their control.

All managers at Fire and Safety Consulting are accountable for the implementation of this policy and our OH&S systems.

The Manager’s/Supervisors Responsibilities

Fire and Safety Consulting requires all management to establish goals for Health and Safety Programs and to treat Health and Safety with the highest priority.

Managers / Supervisors are responsible for:

  • When planning and conducting all activities that they provide for the health and safety of staff and visitors
  • All employees are provided with the appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure a healthy and safe workplace
  • Where ever possible hazards in the workplace shall be identified, controlled or eliminated
  • All workplace injuries, plant and equipment losses are to be reported and investigated and action taken to prevent recurrence
  • Mechanisms for implementing, evaluating and improving the management of Occupational Health and Safety are regarded as a normal part of performance assessment within the organization.
  • Regular audits of our safety practices and procedures shall be undertaken.
  • All necessary support and the allocation of resources to achieve these goals and to comply with all relevant legislation and meet their obligations under the policy.
  • Appropriate disciplinary action is taken should people disregard health and safety procedures and practices.

Safety at work is both an individual and shared responsibility and we support initiatives to promote employee involvement and consultation in Health and Safety issues.

Employees Responsibility

All employees are responsible for their own safety and that of their fellow co-workers.  The success of a Health and Safety program ultimately rests on the willingness of everyone at Fire and Safety Consulting to co-operate and work collectively with a team spirit.

All employees must comply with safe systems of work and instructions issued to protect their own safety and the safety of others.  All incidents, hazards and damage must be reported to supervisors and/or managers.

Visitors and Contractors

Fire and Safety Consulting commitment to safety extends to visitors and contractors who may be exposed to risks through our operations.  Fire and Safety Consulting will inform all contractors and visitors about safe working conditions within the areas that they work.  All subcontractors will adhere to the Fire and Safety Consulting safe work practices, objective and instructions.  Subcontractors will not misuse, damage, refuse to use, or interfere with anything provided for the purpose of occupational health and safety.

Fire and Safety Consulting recognizes that occupational health and safety issues may affect people in the workplace in difference ways because of the work they perform.  Therefore, to support the policy, occupational health and safety systems shall be developed, reviewed and upgraded annually or whenever necessary.


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