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Quality Assurance Policy

Last Updated:   4 January 2012

Policy Statement

Fire and Safety Consulting is an Australian owned company, it provides an exceptional level of service in providing independent professional and qualified assistance in the management of all elements of fire safety.

Fire and Safety Consulting’s holistic approach to fire safety ensures all elements of safety combine to provide optimum fire safety and that each element of fire safety interacts with each other.

Specifically this includes:

  • All staff training relating to fire safety is carried out within organisations
  • All equipment is installed and maintained and it operates in the method for which it was designed to perform
  • The property or business complies or exceeds government regulations to ensure the safety of the staff, customers, visitors, the property itself and its environs.
  • All other requirements such a signage, exits etc are maintained in accordance with all regulations.

Fire and Safety Consulting was established on the following set of guiding values and principles and we foster an environment to instill and support them in every aspect of our organisation:

  • Professional

We are educated, experience and trained to anaylse, problem solve and make sound decisions. As professional we deliver sound advice to our client base on accumulated knowledge.

  • Independent

As an independent provider we ensure that the best possible service providers and equipment available on the market are used – we ensure that our customers are getting what they paid for in fire safety services.

  • Qualified

We are appropriately License by the BSA (Building Services Authority) and have qualifications as Fire Safety Advisor, Workplace Trainer and Assessors and are registered Workplace Health And Safety Officer.

  • Peace of mind

Most importantly, our knowledge, products and services, and our commitment to our clients, provides the peace of mind imperative for government or owners of businesses to ensure their staff, customers, visitors and property are properly protected from the risk of fire.


Our commitment to delivering high quality products and services to our clients is demonstrated through an active and dynamic Quality Management System. The purpose of this policy is to provide a set of guiding principles for our employees, sub-contractors and customers that demonstrate Fire and Safety Consulting’s commitment to providing consistently high quality products and services.


Fire and Safety Consulting will deliver high quality products and services for our customers by these guiding principles:

Complying with statutory obligations, standards and codes of practice relevant to our business

Establishing, monitoring and auditing our quality management system consistent with the certification requirements of  AS/NZS ISO 9001

Providing adequate resources to implement and maintain our quality management system

Monitoring and evaluating the quality performance of suppliers and contractors

Communicating our quality objectives to all stakeholders

Employing suitably qualified, skilled, experienced and motivated employees

Educating and training in order to continually improve employee skills

Identifying, investigating and satisfactorily resolving all non-conformances in a timely manner

Monitoring, reviewing and revising established performance measures in order to continually improve our performance.


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